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RSourceFL Business Solutions

Your Ultimate Resource for Recruitment and HR Support in Singapore

RSourceFL Business Solutions is not just another Recruitment Agency in Singapore. We provide an integrated HR experience encompassing both Recruitment as well as HR Support to our clients mostly in the FinTech, Start Up and SME space. Our Recruitment Consultants have extensive experience in this space and thereby help address your company's people's needs better.

RSourcefl is ideated to be just that - “be Resourceful” in fulfilling our Clients’ varied and unique needs by providing Recruitment as a service - RaaS and HR As a Service – HRaaS

Genetically, RSourceFL imbibes the values of “Resourcefulness”, "Solidarity", “Flexibility” & “Loyalty” without missing the currently forbidden yet much missed aspect “the human touch”, in today’s world of automation everywhere

Resourcefulness, Solidarity, Flexibility, Loyalty with "Human Touch"