Internal RsourceFL Recruiter

Reap in the benefits of experienced recruiters handle your jobs right from posting jobs to CV screening, initial interviews, interview coordination to offer management without the high costs generally associated. in short, we actively become your company's Talent Acquisition specialist and market your roles and work towards filling them with the most suitable candidates, build talent pipeline and create your ownn brand for attracting talent subsequently.


  • How does the Internal RSourceFL Recruiter work?

Exactly the way your In-House Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist would work, depending on your company’s needs, Candidate Database process maturity and comfort level

  • We are a Start up, how could RSourceFL help us?

RSourceFl can help set up a simple, cost effective process to manage incoming resumes from multiple sources, sort and normalize the resumes and build a database so that resumes from this database could be retrieved at the time of recruitment.

  • Our Resumes are all over the place, what can RSourceFL do?

RSourceFL can help bring all the resumes under a single database as both one-time and on-going effort

  • We have an existing internal database, however we are short of HR Staff to manage it further. Can RSourceFL manage it on our behalf for a limited duration?

Yes, RSourceFL can manage the database for specific durations which can be extended on a monthly basis

  • We have an internal Candidate database and some on going job requirements, can RSourceFL screen candidates?

Yes, RSourceFL can do the initial screening of the resumes and provide a shortlist of candidates, do the HR interview, Salary Negotiation and offer management

Our Internal RSourceFL Recruiter Services specifically customised for you

  • Job Descriptions

  • Job Advertisements including page

  • Applicant Tracking Management

  • Resume processing

  • Initial screening

  • Arranging Technical interviews

  • HR interviews

  • Candidate engagement and management

  • Offer management

  • Salary negotiation

  • Recruitment compliance management

  • Recruitment Best Practices