Our Success Stories

We have successfully supported several clients find the right employees for their teams. Some of them are showcased here

  • A European Start Up FinTech firm setting up its office in Singapore needed to hire a Financial Data Analyst in a niche industry. Our Recruitment Consultants acted quickly to fill in these roles. The client was rewarded with a high retention and superior performance from the candidate.

  • A large Technology Consulting firm needed to build a team consisting of high skilled Project Manager, Solution Architects, Blockchain Consultants, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Solution Sales Consultant. Our experienced Recruiters helped build this highly functional team of ten members.

  • A large Multinational company moved its tax function from Australia to Singapore needing them to hire an experienced Tax Manager. We managed to share the best candidate for this newly created position, who is currently heading the function now.

  • A small yet well reputed professional services firm providing advisory services in a niche industry benefited from engaging with us. The client has highly dependable and long time team members thanks to our perfect candidate fitments.

We would be pleased to discuss our engagement models and help you succeed in your recruitment.